Jazzbuehne Lech has absolutely established itself with Yaron HermannJazz lovers, or friends of sophisticated contemporary music in general, have had a new meeting place in Vorarlberg for three years now. Under Philip Waldhart, an association has conceived a small festival and established it as the "Jazzbuehne Lech" with a venue in the Postgarage in the centre of the town on the Arlberg. The term jazz is deliberately broadly defined, as this year's opener was Federico Albanese, an Italian musician and composer who also draws on classical and pop music. Yaron Hermann, a pianist in a class of his own, was in Lech with his ensemble. After the concert with the Wolfert Brederode Trio, an Austrian premiere on Friday, the Norwegian Helge Lien will be a guest today (from 9 pm) with Adam Baldych, giving us reason to expect the fusion of jazz and classical music in an exclusive way. 

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Extract from the VN of 12 August 2017